Board of advisors

We are forming a board of advisors for each of our open source projects here at Buildly. Board representation will come from Buildly open source contributors, customers and Buildly engineers.

Each board will meet online the first Thursday of each Month. The agenda will include reviewing the current roadmap of features and priority issues as well as helping to prioritize new feature requests.

Each project will have at least 3 board seats, and those will be assigned by Buildly Inc. management. Current board seat openings will be listed here along with a form to apply for a board seat. A seat appointment duration is for one year, after which both parties can decide on a renewal of the seat appointment.

Buildly Advisory Boards

Buildly-Core4 total seats – 2 open seats – apply here with resume, introduction paragraph and a short description of your past contributions to the project or what you plan to bring to the project in the future.

Next Meeting: December 5th 2019

Meeting Notes