Software Architecture

An Introduction to Buildly.


Buildly’s Core is our open source gateway and service discovery system for your right-sized “micro” service that makes building and connecting to Cloud Native architectures and microservices a breeze. With the Core you get a light weight Gateway that connects all of your data services, API’s and endpoints to a single easy-to-use URL. We then add on a new and flexible UI for both managing your gateway and data connections as well as creating new services and UI components to build everything from a data driven prototype to a product MVP in no time at all.


Buildly’s Mesh helps you manage and maintain data and service connections between different services.  It’s a join table for your data and communications portal for your services. The data mesh lets you aggregate, combine, and merge data endpoints like it was a simple SQL database.


Users plugin allows you to manage users and security access control lists for each of your services in one central location, fast and easy. User management means security, authentication, and authorization for all your OpenAPI endpoints in one interface.


Templates for Buildly allows for reuse of workflows in a system, it’s flexible, fast and makes tedious and redundant tasks like navigation, project management, and approvals fun. The Template engine lets you create reusable logic in your application to save you time having to rebuild a workflow or a navigation item over and over.


Buildly’s Designer lets you visually build and connect your brand new API to a templated frontend UI system for rapid data-driven prototyping as you have never seen before. Not only that you can use the data migration Designer to help migrate your monolith application to a service-driven powerhouse.

The designer lets you build your data models, endpoints and UI all in one easy-to-use interface, and will get you from zero to product in no time at all.