We are always looking for great open source agencies or individual developers to join our community.  The best way to get started is to contribute to one of our projects on GitHub.

You can also fill out our partnership form and be considered for a technical partner marketplace and work with startups, enterprises and other paying customers who need software development work to migrate, setup or maintain a cloud native project using the Buildly Core and tools.

The partnership program and marketplace are intended to help development agencies and near-shore/off-shore organizations compete with low code and no-code applications.  We want to help bring craftsmanship and ownership back to early stage development.

There is no fee to join the marketplace or be listed, the only time Buildly earns anything from this partnership is in the final sales contract a developer or agency signs directly with a startup or product team. Other then that we are just trying to build a community of like minded software teams who want to use open source tools and cloud native best practices to build better software, faster and compete with expensive no code and CTO as a service solutions.

To learn more, check out our Foundry pages and developer community pages.

Join the Buildly Development Partner Network and Foundry