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Experience a smarter and more efficient way of managing your software development projects with Buildly. Development Partners provide services for Buildly Foundry members from all over the world.

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Buildly is the perfect platform to find startup customers. We connect developers and agencies with startups that are looking for their expertise. Our personalized recommendations make it easy to find the right fit, saving you time and effort.

Review AI assited budgets and Product Specs

Partner Agreement and Refferal Program

Join the Partner program as a Developer or External Consultant and earn 15% refferal fees, find new customers and enjoy partner networking and discounts on Insights products

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Referral Bonus for Bringing Your Customers' Products

  • Use Buildly Insights to Manage Client Products
  • Get a Referral Bonus for Each New Client
  • Improve Communication and Reporting
  • Automate Requirements Gathering for your Client


$75 / month

  • Unlimited Products and Features
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Product Roadmap and Release Planning
  • Release Management
  • Trello and GitHub Integrations
  • Partner Status

Technical CoFounder

Provide Interim or Full time support for a startup or SMB. Become a Co-Founder or Contract Lead and help lead your new team to a scaleable solution.

Development Agency

As an agency, you will provide the majority of the software development and technical team for a new product or an update to an existing product. Negotiate a budget based on the suggestions from Insights and get started as soon as you are ready.