Buildly Open Source Product and API Building Platform

Buildly is a next-generation platform for building service-driven, cloud-native architectures, fast, and at scale to take your idea from 0 to MVP in no time at all. Then we help you take it to the next level and beyond with built-in development and support.

The Core of the buildly platform is a flexible and extendable gateway service. This allows both the plugin architecture and future open source marketplace functionality of Buildly, but more importantly, it gives you a single URL to connect all of your different data services in place, and it can do it automatically when you use the OpenAPI specification.

The data mesh, users and workflow templates plugins are all built with the OpenAPI specification and allow you to extend the Buildly Core directly by enabling them during the build process. These tools along with the future designer and open source marketplace in development now will allow you to build both a live real functioning app, rather than a prototype, in days rather than weeks and scale it automatically using the cloud-native tools like Kubernetes that buildly was built for.