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Buildly Community Update

Buildly-Banner Community

2022 was at times crazy and exciting for Buildly and our attempts to build an inclusive, helpful community around open source tools and specifically our open source platforms The Buildly Core Gateway+ and the Buildly Foundry.

The Core for the first time found itself being a secondary priority for Buildly as we shifted our work to creating the first versions of Buildly Insights. The reality is though Insights does for Product Managers Co-Founders, Designers and Business teams what the Core does for developers and ops and software architects.. It speeds up the boring and repetitive processes in building a product and get's releases out faster while still focusing on quality. Even with our temporary neglect of the Core though, it still had 11 new merged pull requests from down stream forks and 15 new features in development over the year.

Our promise for 2023 is that the core will get a new coat of paint in it's repo, a good kick of the tires and an engineering focus on expanding the community and building new features and incorporating more from the downstream forks.

The Foundry had an incredible first year on the planet and helped us grow and learn in more ways then we thought possible. We brought on new partners like Ajackus, Age of Peers and KurrentCo as well as helped 20 new startup ventures with feedback and guidance and helped two new Startups go from 0 to product in no time at all.

The Foundry is growing and changing as well as we incorporate it more directly into Insights for 2023, bring on new partners and grow the community even more. An amazing year and 2023 will be even bigger.

Thanks Buildly Community!