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Product Discovery: What is it?


In order to make sure that every product or service satisfies the needs of customers, product discovery is a crucial stage in the product development process. It includes the discovery of opportunities, research into and understanding of the client, and the discovery of market gaps. Throughout the product development cycle, product discovery serves as a guide to make sure the final product meets consumer expectations and adds value to the company.

Product strategy, Scrum, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are elements of product management that are closely related to product discovery.

Product Strategy

Developing a product strategy is the first phase of product discovery. Understanding client demands and expectations, as well as researching the market's competitors, should be part of this process. A summary of the target market, a list of the features or services to be provided, and a schedule for bringing the product to market should also be included in the plan. Product managers can create a plan for creating their product in line with their strategy based on the data collected during product discovery.


Many teams use the agile Scrum framework to create hard products quickly. The framework promotes structure and flexibility so that teams may quickly change course as necessary and meet client expectations. In order to help team members prioritize work based on customer demands and feedback, product discovery is applied to inform the Scrum process. Teams can test new features and make changes in response to feedback throughout each sprint, expediting the development process.


Many businesses use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to monitor their progress in reaching their goals. This approach is helped by product discovery, which offers information on market competitors, customer demands, and expectations. Then, OKRs can be modified to focus on particular goals, like boosting user satisfaction or gaining new clients. By monitoring success against these measures, organizations may rapidly pinpoint areas where they need to focus their efforts in order to accomplish their overall goals.

In conclusion, any developing product process must include product discovery. It helps with client comprehension, identifying market insufficiencies, and creating a winning strategy for product managers. Product strategy, Scrum, and OKRs are three important elements of product management that are very helpful during product discovery. By successfully integrating these processes, organizations may make sure that their products and services satisfy consumer expectations and add value to the company.