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Product Backlog: What Is It?

Product Backlog: What Is It?

The product backlog, which is used in agile product development, is a prioritized list of everything that must be done to produce a successful product. The product owner is in charge of keeping the product backlog up to date and making sure that it properly reflects the product's current state.

Since it contains all the information that the development team needs to finish their work, the product backlog may be considered a roadmap for the team. The backlog needs to be updated and improved over time as the product develops and new information becomes available.

Simple features and complicated technical activities can both be included in product backlog items, which are often prioritized according to considerations including business value, customer happiness, and risk. The most crucial tasks must always be at the top of the backlog so that they can be completed first.

As work is completed on the product, items are moved from the backlog to the sprint board, where they can be assigned to specific development team members. An item is marked as finished and removed from the sprint board once it has been finished. This procedure enables a clear and effective approach to monitor the development of the product and ensures that each sprint's scope only includes tasks that can be finished within a sprint.