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The Crucial Role of Human Oversight in Ethical AI Testing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become an integral part of our lives, powering everything from virtual assistants to decision-making systems. As AI systems continue to advance, the importance of ethical AI development and testing becomes paramount. One key aspect of ensuring ethical AI is the involvement of human oversight in testing, both before and after launch.

What is Software Testing?

What is Software Testing?

The software development life cycle must include software testing (SDLC). It involves a process of evaluating a software product or system to detect and remove errors, defects, or bugs before it is released to the end-users.  Software testing makes ensuring the end result is high-quality, fulfills the required specifications, and performs as intended. The importance of software testing, the varying types of software testing, and the best practices for software …

What Is CI/CD?


A group of software tools known as CI/CD tools are used to automate the software development processes of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CD). As part of the CI/CD process, code changes are automatically built, tested, and deployed to live environments on a regular basis.

The technique of automatically creating and testing software updates as soon as they are submitted to a version control system like Git is …

Kubernetes - What is Cloud Native?

Docker Containers

A lot of what we do at Buildly depends on containers and a way to manage or orchestrate them through Kubernetes. Yes it's a funny word, greek for helmsman or pilot, but it's an important open source project that allows developers to build massively scaleable, as well as little itty bitty tiny applications and deploy them almost anywhere.