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New Framework For Ethical AI And AI Testing


New Framework For Ethical AI And AI Testing

OpenBuild has been working along side Buildly and GetMotivatedBuddies for the last few months on an AI implementation for both platforms in a shared open source repo. One of the big headaches has been around #aitesting and #aiimplementation management in the long term. We decided to open source our own test plans and example scripts as way to share between us, but …

Buildly’ OneValley Passport Partnership


Buildly Insights partners with OneValley Passport to offer discounts on its products and services.

Buildly Insights Product Management Platform announced today that it has partnered with OneValley Passport, a global innovation ecosystem, to offer exclusive discounts to OneValley Passport members.

As part of the partnership, OneValley Passport members will receive a discount on the Foundry pricing tier of Insight’s products and services. This includes AI release planning, a feasibility report, …