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Product Discovery: What is it?


In order to make sure that every product or service satisfies the needs of customers, product discovery is a crucial stage in the product development process. It includes the discovery of opportunities, research into and understanding of the client, and the discovery of market gaps. Throughout the product development cycle, product discovery serves as a guide to make sure the final product meets consumer expectations and adds value to the …

Product Management Frameworks

Product Management Frameworks

Frameworks for product management are combinations of techniques and instruments that help product managers in managing various phases of the product life cycle. These resources offer guidance and structure to product development teams so they may efficiently design, test, launch, and evaluate products. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) framework, Working Backwards framework, North Star framework, Business Model Canvas framework, Job to Be Done framework, Opportunity Solution Tree framework, Weighted Impact …



The CIRCLES Method may be exactly what you need if you're a corporate executive or customer service representative searching for a more effective way to handle customers' concerns.

Comprehend, Identify, Report, Cut, List, and Evaluate are all letters in the abbreviation CIRCLES. The CIRCLES Method, created by specialists in customer service, is intended to process customer care requests quickly and efficiently in order to deliver the best result.

Comprehend is …

How To Create A Digital Product That Meets Customer Needs

How To Create A Digital Product That Meets Customer Needs

If you're looking to create a digital product that meets customer needs, the key is to think about the customer first. You will be able to better comprehend their wants and develop a product that is suitable for them by conducting research and getting client feedback.

It's important to first recognize your ideal client. Consider their location, interests, age, gender, and other variables. Knowing your target market will help you …

How to Implement Agile Methodology in Your Product Management Process


Agile approaches should be used if you're seeking a way to make your product management process more effective. An iterative approach to product management known as the "Agile" technique is focused on producing significant results quickly and continuously. Adopting this strategy will enable you to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

  1. Start with the Basics: Agile methodologies are based on several key principles. Before you start implementing agile, review these …