Buildly’s Open Cloud Kit is a set of hosted software, tools and partners to help get new products built fast, and legacy products migrated to the cloud. 

What’s included in the Open Cloud Kit?

The Buildly Core and Buildly CLI tool for building local dev environments.

Access to the open and community source Buildly Service Marketplace.

  • Data Management and pipeline services
  • Registration and Notification services

Product and Release Management Tools

  • 3 months free usage of Buildly Insights our release and product management tool
  • GitHub or GitLab repo configuration and issue tracking

Deployment Tools

  • Docker Container Registry Configuration
  • HashiCorp Vault for secrets management
  • HashiCorp Terraform Pre-configured terraform script for deployment to GCP, AWS or Azure into a Buildly cluster via Terraform
  • Helm library scripts for Buildly and services configured to be triggered by Helm


  • Free tutorials, videos and guided training courses on Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm and Buildly
  • Certification for Open Cloud Kit and Buildly Core