About Us

The story of Buildly and how it was founded is actually fairly long, considering how recently we were founded. The four founders (Jeferson, Parag, Karrla and Greg) have actually been working on Buildly for over 3 years on various startups, and on projects that most of us have contributed to for over 10 years. We are all passionate open source supporters and life long (professional life anyway, though we think Jeferson may have been working with python scripts in pre-school) software developers and have brought Buildly along from our previous experience as an evolution of our software architecture templates and development environments.

Not everyone understands what a Microservice is, or what Kubernetes means or even how to pronounce it, but our team eats, sleeps and dreams this stuff. We can help you get set up with tools, and building and migrating to the cloud faster than you ever thought possible.

Meet the leadership team at Buildly

We are all passionate about open source and cloud native architectures and helping teams build amazing projects better and faster.

Jeferson Moura – CTO

Jeferson has many years of experience in the Tech industry, helped and built great systems for various business areas. Passionate about how technology is shaping our world and life his main interest is in the cloud and automation, whatever automation he can do to not repeat processes, coding, etc., he will do. Mostly he doesn’t like writing his bio when his colleagues ask him to but he’s a true team player and what needs to be done, gets done.


Parag Narvekar – Co-Founder

Parag loves to tell software developers what to do then complain about the fact that they don’t do it. Mostly he doesn’t write his bio when his colleagues ask him to so they are forced to make one up.


Karrla Sandstrom – COO

Karrla is the conscience of Buildly and the one who says no to most of our crazy ideas, then makes her own much more sane suggestions that actually work. She also doesn’t like to write her own bio when her colleagues ask her to so they are forced to make one up.

Greg Lind – CEO

Greg has been working in software development since 1997 starting at a small web development shop in Portland, Oregon. He has a deep interest in open source software, and improving everything from the speed and craftsmanship of software as well as code quality and documentation, to accessibility and user experience. He doesn’t mind writing his own bio, but then has to deal with the criticism from his colleagues over the content of it and realizes why they refused to write their own.


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Nicholas G. Erb – Director of Sales

Nicholas has been a consummate team player and Bon Vivant his entire life. His personal mantra is I hate losing more than I like winning.  His leadership qualities were honed in the United States Marine Corps as a 0311 Infantry Marine. There he developed a focus on improvisation, adapting and always overcoming obstacles put in his path and in front of his team.  Semper Fidelis is not a just a saying, it is a way of being.

As a Sales Professional with high emotional intelligence, and 25+ years of successful strategic enterprise sales experience, he consistently exceeds quota while driving market share for leading SAAS, software and technology organizations.  He has proven account-based marketing skills with the ability to develop, manage and whitespace within large complex strategic accounts.

The preparation and presentation of specific targeted business use cases; based on client-specific critical success factors as always been central to his success. He manages professional relationships and presentations to C-suite executives in these industries: retail, media, finance and healthcare. Nicholas also posesses a deep understanding of executing Agile Methodologies.

He played college football and track and rugby in the Marines. He continues to be an avid sportsman, skier and hiker with his rescue dog Hank Dombrowski.