Legacy to Cloud

Organizations that deploy small or microservice driven applications can benefit from the reusability of those services as well as a number of open source community driven tools for development, deployment and hosting. The crowd sourcing aspects of the community help to constantly improve the overall code base, and provides more eyes on security issues to help fix problems before they happen.

Implementation of microservices and containers is what drives the scalability and innovation for companies like Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Google and more. By breaking code up into smaller more reusable blocks of code, we can speed up implementation, reduce duplication and provide paths for rapid development and migration to cloud native architectures.

Open source has been the driving force for over 30 years behind the innovation in these and many other companies who depend on open source tools and companies like Buildly who build and support them.

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Buildly Use Cases for Enterprise apps and Buildler’s Migrating to the Cloud