The Buildly Foundry is a collection of open source tools, marketplace services, discounts, credits and process frameworks that helps startup and enterprise teams launch build and migrate applications to cloud native architectures and maintain them long term.

The Buildly Foundry drives technical development by providing 

Buildly’s easy to use cloud native architecture and a hosting service to build your new applications.

Three months use of Buildly’s hosted product and release tools to keep managers, stakeholders and developers in sync with the state and progress of your application.

Access to a network of Buildly certified development partners.

Three months of technical guidance from Buildly’s Field CTOs.

Access to cloud hosting credits, security audits and design and marketing resources.

Grads of Buildly Foundry receive discounted rates on Buildly’s hosted product and release tools.

Join the Buildly Foundry and spend your time focused on the vision of your application, and stop worrying about the technical problems.

Buildly’s open source Core, is an application level API management tool that simplifies and speeds up cloud native development. With the Core you get a light weight gateway that connects all of your data services, APIs and endpoints to a single easy-to-use URL.


Buildly’s Open Cloud Kit is a set of hosted software, tools and partners to help get new products built fast, and legacy products migrated to the cloud. 

Buildly’s hosted product and release tools syncs dev teams and partners.  Connect your existing product and development tools to Buildly’s APIs and UI to create one place for your team to view the state and progress of your applications.  Including tracking versions, release states and key decisions made during the development of your applications.