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Idea Documentation

Document your idea, save it, and share it with our easy product wizard and secure tokenized sharing.

Technical Translation

Create a technical transaltion of features and ideas for your product.

Product Roadmap

Isolate the feature and idea planning in one area, and then, when you are ready, plan a release with your team.

AI based Suggested Features

Let the Buildly AI suggested new features for your product, with easy to develop components to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Story

Our mission is to build inclusive communities where ideas are shared easily and teams work on innovative ideas rather than rebuilding the wheel.

The founding of Buildly was based on several startups that most of the original founding team worked on, as well as the open source projects we built or contributed to over the last 10 years. We are all passionate open source supporters and life long software developers and tech enthusiasts, and we have founded Buildly based on our previous experience and as an evolution of our desire to focus on user experience and craftsmanship in every phase of software development.

  • Built with our Community for our community
  • Reduce redundant processes to 0
  • Make it easy for anyone to get started and feel comfortable

Not everyone understands what a microservice is, what Kubernetes means, or even how to pronounce it, but our team eats, sleeps, and dreams this stuff. We can help you get set up with tools to start building and migrating to the cloud faster than you ever thought possible.

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Experience a smarter and more efficient way of managing your software development projects with Buildly.

Product Wizard

Use common business language to document your idea, and Insights will translate it for you into technical documentation.

Release and Product Reports

Plan releases of features with help from Insights and see features, issues, tasks, and bugs in one dashboard.

Feasibility Report

Fill in your product wizard and get architecture diagrams, budgets, team sizes, and release plans drive by Buildly's proprietary AI Insights.

Secure Sharing

Document your idea, create a better then NDA secure encrypted sharing token, and speed it to market.

Notifications and Release Planning

Get notifications on when products are ready for production and who needs help, and respond fast.

Partner Connect

Connect with Developers, Technical Co-Founders, and Offshore agencies and get started right away.

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The slowest and most frustrating part of software development is getting started. Choosing the right cloud provider, deployment service, CI/CD tools, etc. is a massive barrier that stops teams from getting to the innovative work. We speed up the discovery process, from requirements to budgeting and timelines, with our automated AI-based product wizard. Then we connect you to your development team of choice to manage each release cycle.

Foundry Customers and Partners

Our goal is to help every team and product that joins Buildly, both at the Foundry and Partner levels as well as the free open source and enterprise plans. Here we list some of the early adopters who have helped us get started and we couldn't get on without.

  • All
  • Foundry
  • Partners

Transparent Path

Cold Chain Monitoring and Logistics


Software Development


Micro Investment Platform

Age of Peers

Age of Peers


Proactivity - Solidarity - Teamwork - Autonomy - Flexibility - Attention - Motivation - Clarity

Greg Lind

Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 Years Software and Leadership Experience

Karrla Sandstrom

Product Manager

20+ years in tech operations. A staunch supporter of the user.

Jeffrey Akita

VP of Sales

Sales, Marketing, Influencing, Product, the man does it ALL.


The feature list and AI training are growing at each level. Get started now and help us decide on future integrations, features, updates, and more.


$0 / month

  • 1 Product and 5 Free Suggested Features
  • 2 Team Members
  • Product Roadmap and Release Planning
  • Release Management


$75 / month

  • Unlimited Products and Features
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Product Roadmap and Release Planning
  • Release Management
  • Trello and GitHub Integrations
  • Partner Status


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  • Developer and Team Portals
  • Custom Design and Hybrid Hosting
  • Remote Team Management
  • Internally Reusable Modules
  • Innersource Management Portals

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Portland, Oregon USA

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