How We Do It!

Designed for product and remote development teams to communicate better and build quickly. We use our proprietary
trained models and data to translate, suggest and create estimates and architectures so you can build with confidence
or go to the development community with confidence in your product.

Guideded Requirements

AI Translates your idea to
Technical Documentation

Share your new documentation
with your team
or a Buildly Developer Partner

Faster and Easier with Release and Change
Management build in

Automated Communication

Insights provides communication and alert tools so remote and in-house teams can communicate more clearly and get timely alerts about Release Timelines, Testing and when that important feature will be ready for customers.

Release Management

If your working with remote or in-house teams communication about when to test, review or document a release can be difficult. With Insights, as a product manager can use your own Project Mangement tool to plan features for a release and still get notifications and updates about progress and request from developers without having to login in or maintain an account in there issue tracking tool.

Developers can automate communication of milestone completion and releases that are ready for testing or feedbackfrom one place.

Product Ideas -> Built Fast

Starting a new product can be a time consuming and frustrating process. The discovery phase includes things like budgeting, timelines and architecting a solution, as well as establishing solid and consistent communication protocols. The Buildly Insights logic and AI components handles all of that for you in minutes instead of weeks.

Budgets and Estimates

Insights uses a combination of wizard like data collection algorithms, combined with a set of AI and ML data models and example data sets to translate your non-technical requirements into technical issues or tickets. Then it gathers all of that into planned releases to provide solid estimates that learn and adapt and improve overall team performance with each iteration and release.

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Buildly Community

The Buildly Community is a combination of software developers, product and UI teams as well as marketing and business process organizations working to create a more inclusive open source community for us all to work with.

The Community helps each other grow and learn as well as promote each others business, priortize changes to the Buildly Open Source modules.

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